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“Eve” music video 

Video Premiere on American Songwriter – American Songwriter

In the “Eve” of Feminist Music – Un Nom De Guerre

Music Video Exclusive – Milani Cosmetics

Stigmata .44

Goodman Sets Feature Debut – Variety

Swing Blade

 Karl Gets Cool – Los Angeles Times

  • Reckon if you made a funny little film crossing ‘Sling Blade’ with ‘Swingers’ you’d get Hollywood’s attention right fast.

After ‘Blade,’ Billy Bob Carves a Wide Path – Los Angeles Times

  • Hollywood Swingin’: You know you’ve made it when you’re in line for outright parody. Our man Billy Bob got his with “Swing Blade,” a trailer for a nonexistent film in which Karl is transformed into one of the denizens of “Swingers.” Not only did Thornton himself reportedly get a good laugh out of it, but filmmaker Nicholas Goodman got a feature deal with Paramount from the three-minute clip. 

Canine Instinct

Dogster Blog Movie Review –

Goodman Directs His Canine Instinct – The Examiner

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