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In light of recent school shootings and the current debate about gun violence, I have dusted off my directorial debut film, Stigmata .44, a cautionary tale about Manuel, a seven-year-old boy who gets the power to shoot real bullets out of his bare hand. 


 Uppsala International Short Film Festival



Stigmata .44 has screened to enthusiastic audiences worldwide, including at the Edinburgh, Taos, East Hampton, Breckinridge and Florida film festivals, the Nuyorican Cafe (NYC), and the Los Angeles Violence Prevention Coalition.


The music video “Eve” that was produced by Mental Properties Productions for Rebecca Jordan just won the Directors Choice Award for Best Music video at the Rincon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico. Thank you, RIFF!



Just learned that our music video “Eve” is one of fifteen videos chosen out of a 1,000 submissions to the Rincon International Film Festival. Wow. 


Rincon1 Rincon Poster



The music video “Eve” produced by Mental Properties Productions was awarded “Best Music Video” at the 2014 Berlin Independent Film Festival. We are grateful for the recognition. Thank you, BIFF!

Our next stop with the video will be at the Rincon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico in April.


Image DSC_5270

Embedded Arts Journalist Claire Helm interviews music video director Nicholas Goodman and producer Hortencia Goodman at the 9th Annual Macon Film Festival

The Mental Properties Productions team discusses their video “Eve” for recording artist Rebecca Jordan at the 2014 Macon Film Festival